Friday, September 19, 2008

CBT Sites Announced

It was a big day around the Auberge du Dernier Lion de L'Atlas (that's the fancy name for our hostel). The locations and groups for our Community Based Training (CBT) were announced today. This breaks the 29 of us into groups of 5-6. Along with our LCF (Language and Culture Facilitator/Teacher), we will be travelling to our learning sites on Sunday. My group will be learning Darija (classic Moroccan Arabic) and will be located in the town of Ain Leuh (SW of Azrou). We'll each have a host family, but will be together each day w/our LCF for language training and learning and applying the development technical tools that we'll eventually use in our final sites.

64% of the group will be learning Darija and 36% will be learning Tamazight (Berber language)
25% of CBT sites are suburban (incl. Ain Leuh), 36% are small towns/villages and 39% are rural.

We also got our allowance (for meals not covered by our host families) for tomorrow thru 10/5. It is 15 Dh/day during CBT to cover breakfast and lunch-note with an exchange rate between 7.5-8 Dh/dollar, that's about $2/day. Here's a little more on prices:
Bought my portable (cell phone) last night for 320 Dh, and minutes for another 60 Dh. Wahd (one) futa (hand towel) for 30 Dh, a shirt for 80 Dh and a soda for 3 Dh.

I'll have to post my photo of the fabulous rainbow that rewarded my hand washing of laundry in the rain after session tonight-gotta do the laundry before leaving for CBT, and the skies are clearing. I'll have dry, clean clothes to pack on Sunday for our travel, inshallah!


Anonymous said...

Handwashing laundry...Didn't think about it before, but, yup, makes sense. Oh, my gosh...

Your learning site sounds like it will make for a good transition. And your family sounds great. I bet you will have fun with the kids!

Karen K said...

That was me who left the other comment. I didn't mean to post it anonymously. :o)

Karen K.