Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Beginnings

It is easy to remember today’s date. It is such an exciting day-the first US Inauguration I’ve been interested in watching. And such interesting circumstances to the viewing. I’m at a café in the old medina of Fes, watching the BBC broadcast of the proceedings with several other Americans, incl. some other PCVs who made the trek here today (the Peace Corps gave us a weekday travel “bye” to go and watch it together), Brits and Moroccans. I am so hopeful. People here in Morocco are excited and hopeful as well-particularly interesting given the recent protests over the Israeli/Gaza violence and what you might expect to be anti-American sentiment. (In fact, people have instead been asking questions, asking for opinions, and supportive of the fact that we feel the same-want peace for the people of both Palestine and Israel-more conversations on this issue in the last 3 weeks than in my entire prior life). I wish I had an American flag to wave today-I’m so proud to be American.

So as I sit here in Fes, I am also reflecting on some of the friends I’m making here. There are several Brits here in Morocco who I’ve met thru another PCV. They are artistic souls working on building artist-in-residence programs here in Fes and in Sefrou. They have wonderful spirits, attitudes and interests. As I was also here last weekend, spending time and R&R with them, I was also thinking about some of the people who I’ve met in Ribat El Kheir who I’d like to work with. One of them is already becoming a friend-Fatima from the coop. I was thinking about another woman I’ve met but don’t know very well. Miriam is an attorney in REK and involved in many REK associations and well connected to get things done in town. I’ve volunteered for a PC workshop to develop programs for International Women’s Day on March 8th, and I thought Miriam would be a good person to try to involve in such an effort in REK. Wouldn’t you know that last night, when my computer “tutoring” of Fatima was cancelled because the Dar Chebab was closed, instead Fatima’s took me to talk to-guess who? Miriam. So now I’ve got an entrée to approach Miriam after the workshop for her participation. Hamdullah. And why do I mention this in conjunction w/the weekend in Fes? Because, although I don’t really believe in this stuff, I think that the energies of these wonderful women I’ve met have gone to work to make positive things happen. After all, it’s only an illusion that we’re in control, yak?

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Hello Lynn,
Sorry I haven't had more time to post. Things are busy with work and I am busy collecting data for my dissertation. I am soaking in all of your wonderful posts!! Thanks so much for sharing.