Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm So Excited

Been a busy week….met Jonathan and Emily in Fes, then met up w/John Wayne and his sister and mom who are visiting from the US-great to catch up. Found a terrific basket seller in the Central Market of Ville Nouvelle-think I finally have an idea for my clothes so I can get out of suitcases (yes, they’re still being used, since I have no drawers or closet). Get a couple of simple shelves made, put the baskets on them, and I'm finally in business. I’m so excited.

I ended up in Sefrou both Monday and Tuesday, but it was time well spent. I’m so excited. On Monday I was supposed to talk w/the MD who is slated to come to REK for the Women’s Health program I’m developing. She had domestic help problems at her home in Fes, so didn’t make it. Just as well, as this gave me more time to put a better proposal together and have my ducks in order when I went back on Tuesday. Finally saw her (after her 2 surgeries)-and what a dynamo! She brought in 3 other MDs who she’ll bring with her to REK, along w/several nurses. OK, so the original plan that the Delegate approved was for just 2 of them to come out to REK and spend the morning at the sbitar (clinic) with the midwives and then 2 hrs in the afternoon with the women of REK for a program on prevention and detection of breast, cervical and ovarian cancers. Well, this dynamic MD decides that’s not enough. If she’s gonna come to REK, she wants to do as much as she can for the women here, and that means all their time will be spent with the women-no time for the sbitar. And if they’re coming all day, they have time to do actual breast exams. But wait-there’s more! All women who attend and who are interested will be given a voucher to get a pap exam in Sefrou-they’ll take 5/week until all are seen. This is all for free! Unheard of! Hamdullah! Note-this will be the first breast and pap exams most of the women will have ever had.

First thing Wednesday morning, I go to see the Belladya (Pres. of the Urban Commune) here in REK to let him know the plan and reserve the meeting room for Monday, April 6. Done. Yipee! Now we need to let the women know about it. (The MDs figure they can see up to 80 women on 4/6). Miriam (the attny) comes to the coop this morning to write out the flyer in Arabic. Fatima and I work w/Aicha at the Dar Chebab to get it typed up along with ¼ page info sheets. Fatima and I (and maybe Miriam) will pass these out on Sunday, along w/white ribbon loops (aka AIDS ribbons-white for International Women’s Day) to the women of REK to invite them to the program. Fatima and Miriam and Aicha will help post the flyers in places where the women are likely to see them, ie; hanuts, hamam, etc. I am blown away by the response and initiative of these wonderful women who are coming together to help the women of REK. Wahoo!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...aka Coop…we’re moving along with the logo. Jess came out from Sefrou today w/several designs and color schemes to choose from. The women chose one design unanimously along w/the colors to reflect the region. I’ve sent this info off to a graphic artist in the US who will do the final design. Huge thanks to Jess for her help (all voluntary) and to Tammy Silver in LA who is making the graphic artist help available at no cost to the Coop. Once, again, we’re blessed to have such wonderful women to work with. I’ll post the final logo when it’s complete. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to have the “unveiling” at the Coop annual meeting week after next.

Did I mention….I’m so excited??!

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