Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Heat is On

So I didn’t make it to Ifrane on Monday. Made it to Sefrou. Sitting at the café with Jess and Jonathan, still feeling swiya, but feeling obliged to make the trip. Then I throw up. Uh oh. Gotta reschedule. Jess takes good care of me-we get a petit taxi to her house in Sefrou and I get rid of everything else in my system. Sleep for a few hours while she gets on with her business, letting me stay as long as I need/want. Thanks Lace! Finally feeling better enough to try to get home. End up standing about ½ the way in the transit and almost pass out. Someone sees how bad off I am and offers their seat-hamdullah. Had to sit more when I disembark before making the small hill up to my apt. What a wimp. But learning to listen to the body. Let it clear out, settle down, no workouts (that’s guilt talking), give the old bod a break.

It’s of little comfort to find out that lots of folks in town are feeling swiya also. Happens every year when we get extreme heat. There’s something about having a constant layer of sweat and getting accustomed to it that doesn’t seem right. Then there’s my constant water consumption w/no need for a bathroom. Just sweat. Waiting to take a shower until maybe I won’t sweat anymore and can crawl into bed feeling clean for the first time all day.

And of course a logical thought would be, heck Lynn, just take more showers to keep clean and cool. Easy for you to say. When the heat is on, the “du u l-ma” are out. That’s electricity and water. Goes off during the day. Saw a bunch of men going up the street together this afternoon during my tutoring session at the café (sipping Coke since again, no du or l-ma). Snu kaydiru? Going to raise *** at the electricity office. Seems awfully convenient that du and l-ma come right back on every day in time for kaskrut (that’s tea time, around 6pm). Doesn’t help the businesses who need the utilities during business hours.

I’m happy to say that this is a pretty mundane posting. I’m actually not travelling for 2 weeks-will be in my site until weekend after next, and can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I’m really tired of travelling-you can tell by the descriptions of what it takes to get everywhere, then add the heat and packed bodies, and it really wears on you. It’s good to just be here. Speaking more Arabic. Spending more time w/folks here. Sleeping in my own bed. Hamdullah.

The timing is perfect also, as the annual Ribat El Kheir Festival is this weekend. Some friends are coming into town for it-merhaba-as long as I don’t have to go anywhere, anyone can come. You're invited!

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Karen said...

Poor baby! I feel so bad for you. Please, please, please take it easy. You are pushing hard. Glad to hear you'll be at home for a while.