Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Doldrums

Oh my gosh, it’s already August. How did that happen? And why is it that lately it’s feeling like November 2010 is a very long way away? (That’s when I finish my service). Time is flying, but I’m feeling a little homesick. Maybe cuz everyone here is on holiday during August-travelling to visit family, and I wish I was as well. Booked a flight to go to SF for Xmas. My original plan was to use all my vacation days to travel in this region, but I know by the time the American holidays roll around, I’ll be really happy that I’ve got plans to visit family.

I’ve also been in my site for 2 full weeks, and I have to say, it’s been terrific. Had a number of visitors and 2 day trips, but sleeping in my own bed every night is a very good thing. Considered sleeping on the roof to stop sweating in my sleep, but a mattress is a powerful draw. Besides, I wouldn’t want to wear much clothing even on the roof, and that would really be hshuma. I already feel like I have to duck between windows in my apt when going to bed buck naked. Conservative culture has interesting effects on a person.

Anyway, the travel begins again-heading off to Ain Leuh later today for a week. I’ll be staying w/another Volunteer (Randy), along w/several other Volunteers who are really a good group. Ain Leuh has their annual Festival this weekend, on Monday I’m doing a Logo Workshop for the Taeawniya women there, and the rest of the week I’ll be helping out with a PC Environment Camp. I’ll also visit w/my host family from training. I want to order a handira from Khadija, my host “mom”-they do what is probably the most intricate weaving in all of Morocco. Should be a good week.

Meanwhile, the language study bug has bit me again, and it’s long overdue. I’ve admittedly been lazy about studying. Been busy w/other things, and ‘tho I’ve continued w/tutoring, have not put in the time to memorize new vocab and seek out additional conversation opportunities. So today I had some time and have put together a new set of flash cards, and last night sat w/Mariam the pharmacist, to just talk. She wants to learn English, and we’re gonna try conversation where she uses English and I use Darija. Inshallah this works for both of us. Meantime I’ve got a lot of vocab to commit to memory. Some of the new vocab came from tutoring Thursday-where we traded proverbs. My favorite from tutor Aziz was “Ila klb mnbaHsh, endu edm f fmu”. It’s a commentary about corruption, translated it means “If the dog doesn’t bark, it has a bone in its mouth”. He cracked up at the old adage “Assume makes an ass out of you and me”. Trust me, you need new material for tutoring sessions when you have them multiple times a week which I finally did since I was in town. Now I gotta put it into good use.

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