Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Stuffing

Yes, Thanksgiving is upon you. The turkey and you will soon be stuffed. Tbarklikum!

It will be a similar situation here in Morocco on Saturday-the official L’eid Kbir holiday. The sheep (or goat if you can’t afford the former) will be slaughtered, beheaded, skinned and gutted. All will be grilled. More sheep, skewers, charcoal and grills being sold this week than all year long. You can feel the coming of a holiday in the air. Schools will be closed, business will shut, the coop is off for the next week. Mbruk L’eid.

This must be the explanation for all the transit troubles of the last couple of days. Everyone in Morocco is travelling to get home for L’eid. Think Thanksgiving travel in the states, but all is done on the roads in public transit. Fortunately the transit guys know me and I get space-even if it’s squished SRO, it’s still transit. Even the gendarmes look the other way as the way-over-full transits drive by. Hamdullah.

So the last ride of the day today drops me early-no problem-it’s beautiful out, feels festive, the walk will do me good. A guy I recognize greets me w/a big smile and a handshake. Salam Alekum. He then pulls my hand down to his crotch. HSHUMA LIK! WTF? Why can’t we just greet one another? Why are you spoiling this beautiful day??? I’ve met so many people here in REK, don’t remember where I’ve met each one of them, and out of habit, always greet those who are familiar to me. Unfortunately he’s added to the list of several men I avoid due to their inappropriate comments, questions, gestures, touching, etc. Oh well, moving on. Got home and did my Pilates and cooked a healthy dinner. Feeling good about oneself is the best revenge.

Had a productive meeting yesterday at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. Went to give Bouchra and Intissar their certificates for running the workshops at Marche Maroc. (Nothing, I mean Nothing is valued more than a certificate, stamped and signed, with your name on it in Morocco.) I also have collected feedback from the artisans and wanted to share this with them. Bouchra then informed me that she’s working part time next semester so she has time to pursue the Middle Atlas Artisan Website she’s wanted to develop. She, Amy and I had a good discussion. There’s also potential to include Ilham’s mentoring with AFEM into this initiative. We need to discuss further, but I’m excited about the potential this offers-aka the Free Trade Egypt site (, and look forward to working on this with them.

Got great news from friend Lynn L., Skyped with Deb/Phil/Philip yesterday, weather promises to stay clear and dry, sporting a new sweatshirt, internet up and running and the Thanksgiving menu is coming together for Sunday. Many sweet and silly Thanksgiving email circulated from and to friends. Much to be thankful for. Have a safe and fun holiday with family and friends.

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Polly said...

Hi Sweetie ---

Checked out WaresDinner and the kit is awesome. The runners beautiful. Tell the ladies of the co-op what a great job they are doing.

xoxox - Polly