Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well here I am, finally back in REK for New Years. Fortunately it was an uneventful, while lengthy, return trip-no delays, no snow, no rain, no sleep, just long. Good to sleep in my own bed last night.

It was such a great trip-to see family and friends during such a special time of the year. I’m surprised both at how easy it was to be there-felt very normal-and it was a lot easier than I expected to leave. Perhaps knowing that I have only 11 short months left and a lot to do helped ease that pain. There’s that along with everything I got to do while I was in SF…..everything that was on my list….

Ate out 3 times, 2 of which were Mexican (Hamdullah). Saw 3 movies. Peppermint ice cream. Starbucks. The annual Christmas jigsaw puzzles. Just sitting around drinking coffee and catching up. Got my errands done-bought See’s candy for gifts to bring back. Made a trip to the grocery store for spices, mixes, Kraft mac’n cheese. Got all the stuff I had ordered on-line ahead to bring back with me-sporting a fine new winter down coat. Santa got the message about the cold here last winter and gave me new fleece, wool sweaters, gloves, scarves and a whole box of chemical hand warmers. All of it made it into my bags (and contributed to a hefty, but happy-to-pay, overweight luggage fee) and contributed to the decision to wait it out for a bus direct to REK last night-didn’t want to have to schlep the heavy bag on 5 separate transits (settled for 3 instead).

Home this morning to do Pete’s apartment check so he can start moving into his own place here tomorrow. Heading to Sefrou for New Year’s at Jess’s. She’s just back from UK for Christmas. Jonathan and Joy are in town as well and will join us. Should be fun.

Happy New Year!

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