Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mbruk L-3id

Rama-Done-done-dun. In Morocco, you have to wait until the official guy in Fes actually sees the new moon before it’s the end of Ramadan and the holiday L-3id Sgir. All other countries go by the lunar calendar, and the new moon on the calendar signifies the end of Ramadan. If the skies are cloudy over Fes, and the guy can't actually see the new moon, Ramadan is extended one more day. Hamdullah, with the clear skies, the moon was spotted tonight and life will get back to ‘normal’. You can already feel the energy in the air, horns are honking, people are out in the streets. Tomorrow will be for visiting-sweet mint tea and cookies and small gifts for the kids all day long.

The last 2 days’ weather has been so beautiful, I’ve been reinvigorated. Got my cooking jones on today, and since this is a rarity, figured I’d go with it. What are the odds that I have all the ingredients I need for a Thai chicken salad w/noodles? I’m talking fresh garlic and ginger (Marjane in Fes 2 weeks ago), chicken (had a frozen one I needed to cook up), cellophane noodles (available in town despite the fact that I’ve never seen anyone cook them here), curry paste (Paris) and peanut butter (Marjane). And that my vegetable guy would have great looking cabbage (hasn’t had it in a while). But wait, there’s more. Homemade vanilla ice cream (vanilla beans from Paris). So it was just ok-think I overcooked the custard a bit. More you ask? Leftover brownies (made 3 days ago and still have some!!). Add a yummy dinner to Top Chef download and I’m one happy camper.

Also got excited about putting together the information for REK Tourism. Michele and Yusef are starting to advertise a day trip to Ribat El Kheir, and we met last week to put more structure around it. I’ve met w/the Couscous Coop women, spoke briefly w/Fatima and Meriem about tourists’ interest in seeing natural dyeing and weaving and ran into Aziz today to ask him about the olive oil press. I think we can really have a nice day for those tourists who want to see Moroccan life in the countryside. I’m hoping to have a meeting w/Gail and Michele when I’m back in Fes next week to talk thru this. Then I think they need to come down here and we all meet together, including those community members involved. I’m really excited that this is finally coming together. Hopefully we can also get Hassan involved via the REK Tourism Assn, but I know he’s getting married sometime after Ramadan, so he may not be available.

All that aside, now we’re really on the downhill slope to the states. If only I wasn’t going to Fes and Rabat next week-Coop won’t open until Tuesday-after a couple days’ holiday and Monday souk. Oh well, damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead! Mbruk l-3id!

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Happy Aid El Sagir to you too Lynn!!