Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barcelona Part 3

Catalan fringe (bangs), shorts/skirts/tights/boots, graffiti, contemporary art, convents, amazing architecture, cathedrals, narrow alleyways, boutiques, tapas, vino blanco, crusty bread, throngs walking thru the streets, performance art on Las Ramblas, Gaiudi, design, shoes, designer shops, jewelry, contemporary art, film, Catalan vs Castilian, public spaces, boots, sunshine, stairs and walking, scarves against the cold, jambon, dogs on leashes, Dali, walk til you drop, masks, sidewalk cafes, purses across the body to discourage snatching, beer, art fairs, huge food markets, wide boulevards, manchengo, pedestrian only streets, shoreline, art exhibitions, funky rooftop apartment, cheese tasting, Cal Pep, jewelry, nougat, wine, cafĂ© con leche, maps, gloves, paella, cobblestones, Picasso. I could live here. A vibrant city where if you can’t walk to it, you can use public transportation. Not a cheap bargain, but reasonably priced. Mediterranean climate. Charmed. What a great way to spend 10 days.

Jess arrived Tuesday late and it was great to see her. I’d done all the tourist things on my list, so now it was all about spending time w/Jess and seeing ‘her’ Barcelona (lived here 8 years). This included some great art exhibitions that I’d never have gone to otherwise (wouldn’t even have known about them). We ran some errands she needed to do that brought me to places I wouldn’t have seen-come on, would I really have found the graffiti shop? Saw a wicked film on public space art (aka graffiti-ever heard of Bansky? Me neither, until the film. We met up with several good friends of hers, who I enjoyed immensely. I got to meet Vanessa, the artist friend who collaborated w/Jess on the piece I bought at Jess’ Life Size exhibition, at a gallery opening. We walked, we shopped, we ate and drank. Cried when we parted. I’ll miss you Jess-you’re a great friend and an amazing spirit.

We joined up w/the rest of the now-RPCV crew for Thanksgiving. Lisa, Kristen, et al had been cooking all day. What a spread of food-most impressive. Everyone was over at the apt that Colin rented-very zwin indeed. Unfortunately Jess and I ate a late lunch w/her friend Izzy, so weren’t hungry for Thanksgiving, but I did taste a couple of the sides-yummy.

Met up again w/some of the others yesterday, as Jess had to leave around noontime. We mostly walked around, shopping for a few things that they still wanted to pick up. You gotta understand, 2 years of pent up shopping demand can make any woman a bit crazy in this place. Purchases complete, pretty pooped out, we went our separate ways for the evening. I was early to bed-really just needed a bit of down time before packing everything up to board the boat today.

I’ve not seen the end of Spain, verdad?

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