Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elesh? Elesh?

While that translates to “Why? Why?”, it could also be taken as “alas, alas”! Just as I’m thinking that I’m improving my language, I get a reminder that I need to keep the appt w/Eziz this afternoon to see if he can replace Saida as my REK tutor!

The President of the Coop returned from Rabat full of news-she was at a key meeting of weaving cooperatives and the Ministry of Artisana and Tourism last week-and she wanted to share the news with all of us this morning. I’m sitting in, listening and trying to catch whatever I can from the conversation. OK. Back to work. Then I tell her about my friend from Sefrou/Fez who has volunteered to help them come up w/a logo, ok? OK. Then, Fatima K. and Nate arrive. (Fatima K helped start the coop, is from REK, speaks excellent English and was a PC LCF for one of our CBT groups-great resource!). The President updates Fatima on the Rabat meeting, and this time I get a translation. Do they want to work on a logo I had asked? Duh! One of the outcomes of the Rabat meeting is that it is now mandatory that each coop has a unique “mark”. And, oh yes, they need brochures immediately. So this is great-exactly what I’ve started working with them on is what the Minstry is requiring. It’s only by luck that Fatima shows up so I know about this wonderful convergence of ideas! Geez.

Then to top it off, Nate and I go for lunch to our typical egg-kaskrut place. I order “gir hlib”. Nathan asks what did I order? The usual-hlib! Uh, Lynn, that’s milk. Sh**. Egg is bid. But the guy knows what I always order, right? I drank my entire glass of warm sweet milk, just as I ordered, for lunch-with a side of humility! Grrrrr.

Like I said, I’ll keep my appt w/Eziz to sign up for more tutoring this afternoon……..


Tamara Silver said...

Very exciting about a logo and brochure. Is there somebody in the village that is good at graphic design? If not, the woman who designs my catalog could help.

So, if you had gotten an egg for lunch, what would it have been like? An omlet? Egg salad?

Did you know Kim goes in for surgery on Feb. 10?
Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

got milk?