Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mixed Emotions

My goodness-I’m laughing one minute, crying the next….

I open a box from Ginger-blown away with the perfect hand and feet warmers. Can't help but smile.

Then I open up the little arrangement of lily of the valley-exactly like what we handed out at Mom’s service…takes me back to sitting with Dad for 8 days with her in hospice….knowing that Aunt Geri is going thru the same process. Makes me cry.

Fatima goes with me today to the Basha’s office-we get a “thumbs up” for the women’s program project and approval to use the gathering hall at the belladya. Fatima then suggests we go talk it over w/Miriam for next steps. Decide to get mundubiya sshha (delegate for health ministry) in Sefrou involved to bring in a physician for the first session. I’ve got Hyat lined up to go w/me tomorrow to the mundubiya and 2 private MD offices to get someone to agree and come to REK to talk w/the women about breast and cervical cancer and how to prevent/detect. Hamdullah. I’m smiling.

Sister Sandy always seems to know what to send w/o my asking. Got Valentines candy hearts, book and cheddar cheese. Smiling again.

Aischa at the Dar Chebab asks me if I’ll help them with the new REK Tourism Association that’s forming. Happy to help out in any way I can. Go to her family’s house for dinner to continue the conversation. Smiling.

Teaching numbers this week in the Dar Chebab English classes. Last class today tells me that it’s Mother’s Day. I thought that was March 8? No, that’s International Women’s Day, and can they leave a little early to be home w/their mothers? Yes. I want to be with my mother too. Makes me cry.

Saw a great resource at the Midelt workshop last weekend-Life Skills Manual-in English and Arabic-wahoo! Sent a message to PC librarian in Rabat to ask for a copy. Got it today. That's a quick response! Also tucked in the package are 2 pkgs that must have been lost in the Rabat PC mailroom....pkg from Tracy (the Honey Nut Cheerios finally arrived) and one of the many fabulous cards from Joanne (Thanksgiving greetings). Makes me smile.

I’m continuously touched by the kindness expressed by loved ones at home, new-found friends here in REK and complete strangers who try to help me out. Tears of joy. How did I get so lucky?

Then my thought wander back to Seattle and Aunt Geri...she's just the most amazing woman...has been a mother to me...she has touched SO many lives-and all of our hearts.....tears of deep sadness....

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