Friday, January 15, 2010

Kayn shms!

I really must have SAD-that’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. The sun is out today and I can’t believe how happy it makes me-I’ve got more energy, feel like I can take on the world.

Got busy with laundry-have to get it up on the line to dry as quickly as possible. Back inside to hug a hot cup of coffee and thaw out the hands. Open up the windows to air out the house. It’s not like I’m gonna let the cold air in-it’s the same temp inside and out. And at least now I can get the moisture out of the air inside. See, when there’s no insulation or heating in your house, anything you do, incl. cooking, heating water, space heater, even breathing, creates moisture that’s then trapped inside. Nothing drys. Wipe the counter-hours later it’s still wet. So everyone gets everything outside and open up the windows to try to capture some sunshine and maybe a bit of warmth to dry everything out while we can. My salon is bathed in natural light-hamdullah!

I’ve got the full day ahead of me to work-think I’ll get back to working on the website. My thought is that the Coop women may never be willing to spend the money to print up the brochures I produced, but they will at least photocopy the business cards (Fatima can do that for free at the Belladya office since she’s on the Board). So at least we can refer people on the business card to a site that has all their products and info. That’s the plan. I’m teaching myself how to do this. No small task. My friend Tammy generously offered to help us get the brochures printed via a terrific printer she uses in LA, but again, it’s all about working within the parameters of what the Coop is willing to do, while trying to push them to expand these boundaries constantly. So a website/blog it shall be.

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Jillian said...

I remember there being something extra depressing about Morocco in the rain. Must be the lack of indoor heating.