Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random observations.....

I haven’t had to take my garbage out in more than a week. Now part of that can be accounted for by the fact that I hate to cook. Also, I went to Fes for 3 days. Nevertheless, when you cook from scratch and there’s no such thing as pre-packaged or take-out food, you generate a LOT less trash. Food for thought.

When the Coop women pound the stakes into the ground to get the vertical loom warp set up, they always put a little salt on the top of the 1st stake. Don’t know what it wards off, but it's tradition.

When you spend countless hours travelling anywhere, a transoceanic flight doesn't feel so long.

Wish I had my camera along w/me during olive harvest (just finished-now they’re crushing into the best oil in the world)-families sitting under the trees having picnics when they take a break.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I went tumbling down a set of cement stairs. Finally caught up with me just before Christmas when I took a header down the stairs of my apt building. Bump-bump-bump-bump-on my shins. At least I had garbage in my hands to cushion the top of me. Shins are still tender, but the bruises have finally disappeared.

The call to prayer is later and later each evening-sign of the days getting longer, Hamdullah.

A hot shower in this cold generates enough steam to steam all the windows in my apt and set off my smoke alarm-oops!

Getting more and more requests to add links to my blog. OK, so I get viral marketing (and may indulge when I get the Coop's blog/website finished). But geez, I'm not gonna add some link to a Windows 7 update, OK? This is just my rambling recollections and thoughts so I have something to look back on after this adventure is over. Really.

Got to see the Fes medina through new eyes this weekend-played tour guide for Annie and Cathy, new PCVs near here. I’m a sucker for Fes, so any suggestion of a trip and I’m there. Got out during the first snow of the year-they had to take another route as their direct route was closed on Saturday morning.

Got down to the tanneries-see them while you can, since they’re going to be relocated-polluting the river right below. They’re infamous-most photos of Fes will include a shot of them.

Likewise I took them down to the pottery area, just below the medina. These artisans may also be relocated due to the air pollution generated by the fires of their kilns. Makes you appreciate even more all of the amazing pottery and zilij (mosaic tiling) you see all over Morocco when you see what goes into the handicraft.

It was also a great chance to catch up with a bunch of Fes-based friends I haven’t seen in a couple months-Maia who is off to Rwanda for a new 6 month job, Gail just back from the UK w/her adorable daughter, Siobhan who is once again doing the Tribe of Doris event (she and a friend started this festival 18 yrs ago-I’d love to go sometime-Google it). Had some great Thai food, music at the Clock and cheap eats in the medina. Hard to beat all of that!

Now I’m in the midst of looking at the calendar to plan my vacation time for the year. We can’t use vacation the last 3 months of our service, so I have between now and the end of August to take it.

I’ve got a bunch of friends who say they’re going to come visit (Merhaba-welcome!). The challenge is, no one has made any plans. I fear if I hold onto vacation until they decide, I’ll end up not having used my vacation time at all! Meantime, Jess and I want to go to Spain in August (miss some of Ramadan, the blistering heat of August and she lived there for 7 years), Kristen is putting together a Paris trip for June and I want to take a trip down to the desert in March. Think I’m just gonna go ahead and plan and will just find time for anyone who does actually make it over here for a visit.

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