Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let My Heart Be My Pilot

Thank you Colleen for allowing me to quote you after sharing your inspiring, touching, mysical story of your journey of discovery toMorocco by following, quite literally, your dream.

Despite heavy downpour yesterday afternoon, a warm, wonderful, intimate group gathered to share in the readings and stories at CafĂ© Comedie in the Fes Ville Nouvelle to kick off the weekend of events celebrating International Women’s Day. Everyone was touched by the power and beauty of the readings, including the husband of one of the readers, who shed tears as he shared with us that the afternoon made him think of his mother who he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. Thank you Colleen, Marian, Raja, Hannan-all of you for sharing of yourselves. Moving.

And then of course it was the Diva Dinner Saturday night. Women only. Oh my, what a party! Escorted to the Dar Touria deep in the bowels of the medina from Bab Guissa, between 30-35 women, most familiar/friends to one another, gathered for a wonderful dinner and unlimited wine (again, oh my!). We didn’t even make it to dessert before the tables were moved aside and the dancing to DJ Collie Flower (aka Colleen) began. It was one of those nights when everyone felt free to let their hair down and let loose. And it didn’t end until after midnight, with everyone on their feet all night long. What a glorious, festive, fun group this was-like our own fabulous private party. No taxis to be had at that hour, so we giggled our way through the deserted medina, winding our way up through the narrow passageways, dropping one woman after another off as we reached their homes. No doubt the cool air did us some good, not that you’d know it by the way everyone felt in the morning. Memorable.

The brave souls got up to make the 11am yoga at the ALIF riad, while some of us amused ourselves w/just laying around, watching the kids, cooking for the afternoon event. We were back in the ALIF riad for an afternoon of wonderful music-traditional instruments, voice, dance performances in this serene garden setting. We officially launched the Women4Morocco website, so had that on display. Meanwhile, with the music of Hosan, playing the l’oude in the background, rain dancing on the roof, sweet mint tea and sweets made by Cynthia and Atika from her Association, it was beautiful. This afternoon of music and dance was followed by the screening of a wonderful documentary “Where the Water Meets the Sky”, the story of women in Zambia who were taught how to make films, then produced the story of a local woman and showed it throughout Zambia to stimulate community discussions. Inspiring.

We had the wine to celebrate the success of the program last night back at Gale's, but none of us had the energy for it. Everyone was beat. I decided to skip the schedule of lectures at Sidi Ben Mohamed Abdellah and run a few errands before Pete and I headed home this morning. Exhausted and exhilarated.

Tbarkalik Jess on the program-brilliant!

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