Saturday, March 27, 2010

PCPP Funding

OK, it’s officially up and on the Peace Corps Website. If you have any inkling to support artisans in Morocco, here’s your chance! PCPP# 378-124 has been approved for funding. Peace Corps Partnership Grants are smaller grants and are funded by friends and family.

My grant is to partially fund a Craft Fair and Workshop for artisans from across Morocco. This will be the third “Marche Maroc” in a row that I’ve set up to help Moroccan artisans establish selling connections outside of their rural villages. The intent of this series of Craft Fairs and Workshops is to build the skill capacities of the artisans to eventually take over running them themselves.

The Marche Maroc Rabat will be held May 7-9 and the grant will cover lodging, tables, chairs and limited marketing, amounting to only 18% ($1520) of the total costs. 82% of the costs will be covered by the artisans themselves or the American Club/Center in Rabat where the event will be held.

Donations can be made by credit card and are tax-deductible.
Search project 378-124.

Thank you for any financial help you can provide.
Shukran bzzaf f l hrafyat mn Mghrib.

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