Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Dye For

Great to get home Thursday. Laundry, workout, shower, Skype w/Debbie, sleep in own bed. Yeah!

Up on Friday to catch up on things over coffee-Khalid (tutor) and his new job at Café Clock in Fes-tbarkalik!, Pete and REK goings-on in the last week, etc. Chill out a bit. Literally. It was pretty cool out.

Saturday brought clear sunny skies and a trip to Sefrou. A former PCV in Sefrou was back for a visit and doing a Natural Dye Workshop for several of us. When he came over as a PCV, he was a master weaver and textile expert-and taught this to his counterpart, Amina, who now travels Morocco teaching other artisans. We had the pleasure of Gregg’s expertise all weekend-in English-to watch, participate, ask questions-and get them answered in English. Hamdullah! Amina is going to be coming to teach the Adwal women how to do natural dyeing, but it will all be in Arabic. This way I know that the Arabic word for the mordant alum is shba, madder is fuwa, etc.

We ended up dyeing the wool with henna leaves (brownish yellow), cochimiel (beautiful magenta color-not avail in Morocco-Amina brought it from the US), almond leaves (a beautiful bright yellow), and madder (brick red). We also had a chance to overdye w/second colors and afterwash w/baking soda, to see how the colors change.

Got a call from Meriem while I was there on Saturday-where was I and was I coming to the hfla (party)? The Women’s Assn apparently celebrated the opening of their new hlwa shop. Bummer to miss it. Went by it on my way home today-was closed, but new sign over the door. I also confirmed w/Meriem that Jess and I would do a logo workshop with them on Thursday. Who knew they’d act so fast? Tbarkalikum!

I managed to find a few of the upholstery shops open on my way to the nql stand in Sefrou before heading home. Looking for tie-back tassels for the curtains that Adwal is weaving for the new showroom. I’ve been encouraging them to show customers examples of how to use their fabrics, and hamdullah, they’re taking this to heart. Found good tassels-will see Tues if they’re the right color.

Headed over to catch the transit to REK at the nql stand and got a call from Fouzia. Her sister and she were driving to REK in 15 minutes and did I want a ride? Ask no further-I’m there! Nice!

Home to open up the windows to let the beautiful air in, Skype w/Jo, catch up on emails, etc. Chilling out.

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