Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMG it's June!

No June gloom here-Hamdullah-summer is upon us-sooo glad for the sunny skies-check in again in a month and we’ll do an attitude check!

Serves me right for being away from the Taeawniya for almost 2 weeks-so much to catch up on today.

They had their annual meeting and elected the new officers-tbarkalikum Fatima and Ferida-Pres and Treasurer-the 2 positions of greatest importance. Ferida was off today to the bank in El Menzel-getting right into it. That didn’t stop me from taking her aside to give her new budget sheets to track their expenses weekly w/a monthly and annual summary sheet. Inshallah she’ll actually use these (as opposed to last year when I provided them, reviewed them, and they weren’t used). She was also around when I was working on a workshop for next week and updating the presentation w/photos. Since she is one of the 2 who are going thru computer classes, I showed her how I was importing, cropping, cut/paste, etc. photos into PowerPoint, then had her do several herself. She had fun doing it, too-bravo!

Found out that the Natural Dye Workshop will indeed be this Saturday-Gregg and Amina will be coming over from Sefrou to conduct the training all day for the Adwal women as well as the Asalah Coop from Zouia. I have to be in Fes that evening for a concert, but will stick around the morning to take photos.

I had a chance to update the women and show them some design ideas from my trip to Figuig. Specifically, shared some of the yarns and yarn combinations that Figuig is using (also had photos of products made w/these supplies).

I also asked Fatima for them to make me a pillow cover, using thin cream wool w/black accent, in the traditional design that Adwal was created to preserve. I found some cream colored cotton duck fabric and showed them how they can make a simple back, w/out a zipper, to slip a pillow insert into the cover. They don’t weave their traditional pattern very much anymore, since it’s always been in a large, heavy, all wool handira, and this ends up being a higher price that tourists want to pay (also heavy for them to transport home). If they can weave this same design into smaller pieces, i.e.; decorative pillows, they preserve the traditions while making it accessible for tourists to buy. Inshallah this works out.

I scoured the upholstery hanuts in Sefrou over the weekend to find tie-back tassels for the curtains they’re weaving for the showroom-and they’re a perfect match, Hamdullah. I also brought back camera prices from Marjane in Fes. They really, really need to buy their own camera. However, there’s also a PCV from down south who may have a camera she’ll give us-spare one from her predecessor and she doesn’t have a group who needs one. Inshallah we get a camera into Adwal’s hands, and soon, so I can get them accustomed to taking their own photos and trained on how to then use the photos in all sorts of marketing efforts.

Never did get a clear explanation on the “why”, but a TV crew showed up this afternoon to film the women of Taeawniya Adwal working. I thought maybe they were from the new Tamazight TV channel, since they interviewed some of the women in Shila and Darija, but apparently it is just one of the Moroccan TV stations. I had a brief interview with them as well-all in Darija. Don’t know when it will air, and since I don’t have a TV, won’t see it. Nevertheless, I told Fatima that she needs to ask for a digital copy so they have it for future marketing efforts and I can post it to their website.

Stayed after the TV crew left to have lunch w/the women. Nice to see Hind-Fatima’s sister. Since she’s not working at the Dar Chebab anymore, I don’t see her as much. Wished her Happy Birthday (yesterday), but they don’t really do anything to celebrate. Need to make that up to her. Lunch-of course eaten w/bread as your utensil-was cooked potato and peppers with a side potato salad. Got me motivated to buy some fresh veggies at the market for a cold tuna, tomato, onion, cucumber salad for dinner-have had my carb load for several days.

I went by the new Jam3ia Mawahib Watanaq hlwa hanut and it was open, and looks great-tbarkalikum! They do need that logo-nice sign over the door, but need something by the nqls so people know they’re open.

Ran into my landlord-paid rent, went and paid electric bill, am good to go.

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