Thursday, June 17, 2010

Non-food Observations from Paris

Bicyclists-everywhere. Commuters. For fun. With your dog. With a baguette sandwich in one hand while steering with the other. You can even rent one by the hour-stations all over the city-but you need a European ‘smart card’ to access, so we’ve been hoofing it instead.

My legs and feet have acclimated to walking and standing for 12+ hours each day. Here I thought I was in great walking shape since that’s my mode of transport in Morocco, but I’m here to tell you, we’ve pounded some Paris pavement and the hips and feet take a beating.

Musicians. In the metro tunnels. Outside museums. For free. Please donate.

Feel like I’ve been art starved and I’ve gone on a major binge. Sat in a room today at the Modern Art Museum at the Pompidou Center surrounded by masters. Everyone else rushed to the most recent exhibition-I’m content in the quiet of a room full of Picasso.

Dreamt last night about a cool clothing boutique that I regretted not exploring further. Walked right by it today on our way from the Pompidou to the Place des Voges. Didn’t even realize we’d been in that neighborhood already. Tried on the clothes. Fortunately for my pocketbook they didn’t knock my socks off so I passed on making any purchases. No regrets.

We’ll be making another dinner of fresh bread (my gums hurt from the crunchy crusts), cheeses, pate (think I’ve sold Lisa and Kristen on the yumminess of pate), fruit and wine. Delicious and economical and we’ve got the dining room table to sit around. Love having this apartment to come back to.

Tonight we’ve got the Eiffel Tower back on the agenda. They have a light show every hour at night and it’s a “must see”, so we’ll venture out again to take in the sight. We’ve been so pooped each night up until now that we’ve not been able to stay up to make it out again. Keep promising to go downstairs for a beer after dinner, but then again, being horizontal has a strong pull.

Tomorrow is our last day here in Paris :( We’ve got to decide how we want to use it. Our original plan was to take a day trip outside the city, debating between Riems for the champagne, Giverny for the water lilies and Versailles for the gardens. We’ve come back around to staying put in the city to go back to favorite spots, maybe take a boat tour on the Seine, hunt for the ultimate crème brulee, who knows what…

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