Friday, June 18, 2010

More Paris....

Observations of a tourist in Paris....

The Eiffel Tower at night-lit up and every hour a 10min light show-seen from a boat trip on the Seine last night. Stylish women walking their pooches and taking them into stores as they shop. Starbucks right downstairs and never considered going in all week long. Flat screen TV in the apartment that we never turned on. So many little bags from all our purchases-embarassed to assemble them for a photo. Obligatory Paris protest going on outside the Bastille Opera. Guy in a Quasimodo mask outside the Notre Dame-making the kids laugh. Nice salad and glass of wine for lunch. Chic little shops, but managed to not purchase any clothing :(. Washer/dryer in the apt allows us to go home w/clean clothes. My feet don’t hurt any more-numb maybe?

Quote of the week: Would you like to try our fois gras? Then she gives us a small sample of wine to wash it down. Are you kidding me?????

Didn’t plan on buying anything while I was here, so no extra room in the luggage. Never expected that I’d buy so many food items-no real cravings, but so many yummy things that I’ve not seen or eaten in the last 2 years-will have some treats back in REK. Assuming of course that I can get it all in my suitcase and the 1 carryon I’m allowed on the el cheapo airlines we’re flying back on.

Ahhhh Paris. You’ve been very good to us. It’s nice to come and so enjoy the city and have the time to do all we wanted to do. It’s also nice to be at a point in my life where I can love it and still want to go back home (U.S.) without the cynicism toward the U.S. that a lot of Americans develop when they come over to Eurpoe.

Well, Clarisse-the property mgr for the apt-has come to give back the security deposit, so we’re off again for the evening. Gonna eat out tonight-enough of the pate/cheese/bread/wine dinners at the apt. We need a change of pace. (Did I really just type that?).

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