Sunday, June 20, 2010

Au Revoir Paris

Well we did make it out to dinner on Friday night to a nice little French bistro around the corner from the apt. I had this fabulous leg of lamb that literally fell off the bone. It will make eating the lamb back here in Morocco even more difficult (tough, stringy, gamey).

Afterward, we went out for drinks. With Samira. Yes, Samira, Bayan and his sister. It just so happens that while waiting for Clarisse to come with the security deposit, I was browsing Facebook. There was a posting of pics of the Mona Lisa, posted 6 minutes prior, by Samira, from the Louvre. She had told me she might be in Paris at the same time, but she wasn't certain and how would we ever connect, so I had forgotten about it. Then I see this posting done from her cell phone, so I post that we were in Paris and the apt phone #. She calls and we set a time for drinks later. How fun it was to see her and Bayan and his sister-met them in a café over in the St Germain side of town where they usually stay. We had our picture taken under a street sign to send to our mutual friend Carol (she introduced us to one another in the first place) to prove we were actually in Paris.

More Paris musings…..
Cars stop for you as you cross the street-amazing. Paris is for lovers-more PDAs than I’ve seen in 2 years-was it a lot or have I forgotten “normal”? The metro/train connection from central Paris to CDG airport is way too easy-I’m jealous of their transit system-you really don’t need a car. Long evenings-far enough north that it doesn’t get dark until around 10:30. My digestive system hasn’t been this normal in 1 ½ years. Didn’t plan on buying anything there, but managed to fit all the purchases I made anyway in my bags. Starbucks right downstairs from the apt and we never thought to go in-too many better choices. No hot flashes in Paris-go figure. The streets of Paris are so clean.

It’s gonna be quite the adjustment back to Morocco living. Fortunately despite arriving 4 hours later than scheduled, I was able to bunk down in Fes at Gail’s last night before heading to REK this morning. Caught the transit, napped all the way home.

I've unpacked, ane walked down to the zwiqa to get the vegetables that were missing from my indulgent Parisian diet. Stopped by friends, greeted by shopkeepers that I frequent-fin msiti? twashtk. Where were you? I missed you. Nice to feel so welcomed back. Clear sunny skies, nice breeze-not too hot. Making it easier to be back in Morocco and REK.


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