Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've got it. And right now it’s irritable. I’m so over all of this. Tired of other’s lack of responsibility.

Trying to get a group together, who volunteered to be involved, to develop a proposal for the future of Marche Maroc. Waited 'til late June after vacations. Sent out an email last week requesting availability. Heard from all but one person. Scheduled w/in the 3 day window that everyone was available. Person who never responded sends nasty text msg yesterday-can’t make it, must be doing it at my convenience. Hello? Oh, and he saw my request, just didn’t bother to reply. Give me a break. You wanna be involved? Merhaba-would love your input. But not playing into whatever drama you’re trying to create. Oh, and the one that gave the small window to schedule within? Now can’t make it. Fine. We’re going ahead w/those who can be there-and we welcome any others-but we’re moving ahead. Choices. Live with them.

Telephones in Morocco. That is, cell phones. No one ever has minutes on their phone-you have to buy them ahead and load them. Someone calls-doesn’t matter if the person being called is in the middle of a meeting, mid-sentence. They’ll answer their phone. See, no one has voicemail. And the person making the call is the one charged minutes-it’s free to receive. So if you don’t answer the phone, you’ll have to call the person back and then you pay. So everyone answers their phone. In the middle of conversations. Rude. At the same time, understandable.

Heading out and heating up. Just as I’m heading on a (short) roadtrip, the weather’s heating up. June has actually been really nice-not too hot. July promises to start with a bang. Heading over to Ifrane to meet w/Amy at Al Akhawayn University, then to Khenifra to meet up w/a guy who has this Pakistani final washing process for zrbya. I’m told it costs 50DH/sq mtr. I want to see what it is, how it works, how weavers work with him and what the final product looks like, ie; does it add >50DH/sq mtr value? Is this potential for Adwal? Heard about this process some time ago and finally got the connection to call and make the arrangements. Then it’s up to Fes to help Emily and Eric meet key people there to pull together the next Marche Maroc-they’ll be co-chairs. Then the meeting I mentioned at the beginning of this post. More errands in Fes and hopefully home on Sunday. Inshallah.

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