Saturday, July 24, 2010

Showing Off Morocco

After an uneventful, but long 24 hour trip from Kampala to Fes (via Dubai), Lynn, Andrew and I finally arrived to the special luxury of the Riad Lune et Soleil at Batha in the Fes medina. What a delightful place to stay. They spoiled us with AIR CONDITIONING, cold Coca Light on demand, comfy beds, great showers, yummy breakfasts and a wonderful traditional dinner thrown in. With all the traditional Moroccan décor and a great, quiet location, it’s a winner and I’ll recommend them highly to others looking for a place to stay in/at the medina.

Of course, I really love Fes, so had fun taking Lynn and Andrew all over the medina-and we saw it all-the souks, the tanneries, shops, pottery-you name it, we saw it, but had time to do it at our own pace. We also did a cooking class w/Café Clock-Andrew loves to cook, and it was a great way to get more of the ‘local flavor’-including shopping w/the chef. Nice program.

I also took them down for the day to Ribat El Kheir so they could see where I live, meet the women that I work with, take a walk around the town to see the wonderful views. We caught up w/Pete, and I was so disappointed to hear that his Environment Day Camp had been cancelled. All in anticipation of the annual REK Festival-the belladya didn’t want competition I guess. Only to find out while I’m there that the REK Festival has been cancelled. No Festival this year. Nice. Really felt bad for Pete.

Anyway, I’m now sitting in Rabat-back in my PCV world-meaning of course, a cheap hotel-toilet down the hall, no a/c-sitting here sweating in my room while I type-reality is a bitch. Lynn, Andrew and I were up bright and early (4:30am) to make certain that they caught their plane-I accompanied them on the train to the airport-there’s one transfer and the stations aren’t marked-and just got back to Rabat.

I’ve got some business at the PC office on Monday, so will just “chill” here for 1 ½ days before heading back to REK and business as usual.

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