Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Know it's July When.....

You get invited to 6 weddings in a single day.

You spot the berber tents going up on rooftops all around town.

You lose count of how many liters of water you’ve consumed w/o going to the bathroom.

You choose what to wear by its ‘sweat’ factors-will it make you and how bad will it show?

Weird mountain storm winds w/o the cooling release of the storm.

The water pressure is gone by 3pm, not back on til 9pm at earliest.

You start having electricity blackouts (as I write this).

You have to chase down your clean laundry that’s blown off the roof (make that once-clean laundry).

No one wants to work much-on vacation-oh dear, how can it get worse w/Ramadan next month?

You sit and type this w/as little clothing on as possible, given that someone may come on the roof of the house across the alley and see you.

You worry that your computer will either crash or self-immolate from the heat.

Your only small fan is facing said computer to keep it, not you, cool.

You avoid travel so you don't have to ride a nql or grand taxi w/people getting sick all around you.

You cook as little as humanly possible and still eat. Eating is not much fun either.

How many meals of baguette and Laughing Cow before it’s considered malnutrition?

How many hours and to what degree of sweating counts as aerobic?

You feel no guilt for NOT putting in the Pilates CD to work out. Heck, walking up from the Coop was my workout today. And yesterday. And probably tomorrow. Because the next 3 days promise temps over 109. And there’s no escaping it. No a/c to cool off. No cars with a/c to go for a cool ride.

Just heat.

And it’s only July.

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