Thursday, August 19, 2010

Community Creamery Contributions

Wahoo-my PCPP (that’s a Peace Corps Partnership Program) grant request was accepted and it’s now posted on the PC website. What is this? Recall my request to fund the Marche Maroc Rabat craft fair event this past May? Well, I have one last request for my service.

The 11 women of the ATPF Association (Jam3ia Mawahib Wataqat Nisaiya or Association for the Development of the Talents and Potential of Women), formed in March 2010-yes, just this year-need additional supplies to generate income in their Community Creamery. They’ve already progressed at light speed and need a bit of help to continue to move forward with their mission.

The Association seeks to empower their members by developing their skills and knowledge to apply for social or economic gain. In addition, they will use the Association proceeds to develop programming for the women of the surrounding area. They have also identified the need for a space for women to get together in Ribat El Kheir. The male dominated cafes make it difficult for women to gather and discuss social issues outside of their houses. They have rented and renovated a space for their Creamery and are already open for business. Note-the Creamery is open to both men and women.

Currently they are limited in what they can serve and sell due to limited equipment. They cannot initiate cheese production, make and sell the popular 3asir (juices) or ns ns (half coffee, half milk) until they have cold storage and their single cup coffeemaker limits their ability to serve their customers.

My PCPP request for $2353 is to help them purchase the needed equipment and pay travel expenses to visit an operating cheesemaking Cooperative to learn how to commercialize their efforts.

Any help you can provide in the way of a donation would be very much appreciated. Please go to and search for Project 378-135 Community Creamery to make your tax-deductible donation. And on behalf of the wonderful women of ATPF, thank you.

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