Friday, August 27, 2010

New Tune

Looked back over recent postings. What a bitch-not me, the weather and the boredom! Yes, I need to get a new tune.

Soooo, what does one do in times like these?
1. Bake-made brownies. Hey-it’s not like it’s gonna heat up the kitchen
2. Do laundry-to get your feet wet and to have something that smells fresh and clean.
3. Shower. Multiple times daily. I’m not kidding.
4. Dishes-without having to heat up a kettle of water to rinse.
5. Learn chess. OK, so I’m just playing the game on my computer and have lost all 32 games I’ve played, but hey, it’s taking longer to lose each time. That’s something, right?
6. Count the # of liters of water consumed to see if I break a new daily record.
7. Plan trips-like post-COS Spain trip to Seville and Barcelona-and Seattle in January-can’t wait!
8. Skype. With everyone. And anyone. You online?
9. Research topics interesting and obscure-see #10.
10. Post to my blog. Again.

That call to prayer I’ve referred to? The one that sounds like a symphony when 20 mosques start simultaneously in the Fes Medina? Here’s a bit more about it:

It’s called the Adhan and Muslim are called to prayer five times a day. The call to prayer is heard at dawn, at the midday, about the middle of the afternoon, just after sunset, and at night fall about an hour after sunset. It is virtually identical the world over (ie; slight variations for Sunni and Shiite Muslim), the same each of the 5 times every day.

The muezzin is the man appointed to call to prayer and typically is no longer required to climb the minaret; instead he will use a loud speaker.

Responding to this call on Friday afternoon, praying in the mosque, and making the pledge to Allah, is the only thing needed to become a Muslim. At this point one crosses over from ‘Dar ul Harb’, the house of the pagan, into ‘Dar ul Islam’, the house of Islam (submission).

A prayer carpet may carried by the Muslim to the mosque, or to the place of business if he cannot leave to attend mosque. At the times of prayer, he will determine the direction of Mecca, roll out his prayer carpet, and say his prayers to Allah. Women do not commonly attend mosque, and if they do, there is a segregated section in the back or side for the women to pray. Whether the Muslim can attend mosque or not, or if they are otherwise occupied during the call to prayer, the expectation is that they still take time out 5x/day to pray. If you are in a business transaction or a place where music is playing, both will be suspended until the end of the call to prayer.

ADHAN:The Call to Prayer
1 Allah u Akbar, Allah u Akbar
-- Allah is Great, Allah is Great
2-Ash-hadu al-la Ilaha ill Allah - Ash-hadu al-la Ilaha ill Allah
-- I bear witness that there is no divinty but Allah
3 Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullaah
-- I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger
4 Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullaah.
-- I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger
5 Hayya la-s-saleah - Hayya la-s-saleah
-- Hasten to the prayer, Hasten to the prayer
6 Hayya la-l-faleah - Hayya la-l-faleah
-- Hasten to real success, Hasten to real success,
7 Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar
-- Allah is Great, Allah is Great
8 La Ilaha ill Allah
-- There is no divinity but Allah

Adhan is now completed.


Anonymous said...

I have lost all my chess games too. Wanna play? One of us will break our losing trend! what's your skype name? Irfan in Houston

Anonymous said...

Last I played was in Jan and before that in 1982! Lost both times! Lovely pics on your blog Lynn(?) Irfan