Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a Gift

That is, the time I’ve got left. Had just another week in town. Yet not. I’m trying to make the most of my time now that it’s so limited. Starting to wrap things up…

Got access today to the Coop’s computer. Delighted to find that they’ve finally got Microsoft Office loaded-at first they had some very basic operating system software and I was concerned that it wouldn’t be of much use to them. Sat down w/Nora and Ferida to teach them all about its use w/photos. Downloading, editing, copying and pasting, saving, etc. Downloaded some of my files to their hard drive-need to download the rest on Saturday. Told the two of them that they need to monitor the Coop’s email address at the cyber at least once/week (and that I’m gonna send them messages to check up on this). I’ve received a couple requests for quotes from people who got the email address off their website, but finally tracked me down when they didn’t get a response from the Coop. Can’t afford to lose out on these opportunities.

Had a very sweet time w/the Coop women on Tuesday. They’ve got Samira’s zrbya on the loom and are working hard to get it done and sent to Tanger before she leaves for the states in November. It was fun to sit with them and help tie the knots on the zrbya (the only weaving I can be trusted to do), talking and laughing together for hours. Love those women!

Had a nice time w/Pete and his mom-she was in town and we swapped doing dinner. I also got invited w/them to Hassan’s family for lunch on Monday-at it was a ‘treat’-actually a dish pronounced ‘treat’. Very labor intensive, similar to rafissa (w/o miloui and fenlgreek)-and delicious. They’ve gone back up to Fes until Saturday when they return w/more family for the couscous workshop. Apparently the Tawmatine women have changed the location for the workshop to a nicer, newer, less expensive building. I’ll go by and see in on Saturday when they’re doing the workshop. Inshallah Amy from AUI and her friends are still coming over then and I can show them as well.

I also need to get in touch w/Paul to see what time he’s coming on Sunday to check out trekking sites in the area w/Hassan. Hopefully Becky and Finlay are coming as well. Inshallah the weather holds out for us-it’s been absolutely glorious fall weather the last several days.

I’ve also got this foodstuff that I’ve basically hoarded-saving for ‘special’ occasions. Exactly what does that mean? Means that I’ve held on to goodies like cheese, curry paste, tortillas, brown sugar and chocolate chips for WAY too long. All of things have been either shipped or carried over from the US and are precious cargo. I’m trying to work my way thru them in the limited time left. Made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies yesterday. It’s always interesting to see how the first batch goes before I get the temp on the oven figured out. Reminder-the oven is just a metal box w/butane-fueled burner inside. No temp gauge, etc., so the first batch usually burns. And it did. Then decided that I needed to give away cookies or I’d eat them all myself. Peanut butter cookies to the café boys, choc chip to the Tawmatine women. Bismillah.

My ‘to do’ list is shrinking by the day. Leaves me with time on my hands. Good time to search for a chess tutorial to start learning some strategy-before Colin kicks my butt playing on the cruise. Found a fabulous site, w/over 50 games to learn from ( That’ll keep me busy!

I got word from Peace Corps that I’m definitely being replaced, and Nora’s family was told that it is going to be a couple. This is great to know-whether 1 or 2 people, either way I’m really happy to get this confirmation. It helps to know for planning purposes. They have what’s called a site visit from Oct 31-Nov 4. This will be their orientation time while I’m around to introduce them to people, projects, etc. I obviously need to be here, and can coordinate some of my final/checkout meetings, ie; w/the Artisana Delegate, when I can introduce them. Merhaba.

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