Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Do List: Check!

Hand-off Al Akhawayn University project to 1st yr PCV: Check!
Marketing Day Tours to Ribat El Kheir: Check!
Money to ATPF Assn: Check!
Showroom catalog for Adwal: Check!
Going away party w/Fes friends: Check!

Managed to catch up w/Bouchra and Amy at Al Akhawayn on Tuesday and introduced Kate to them. She’ll be following up on the Free Trade website. Hopefully Bouchra and I will have time to get her Marketing class over to REK week after next to initiate their project to help Adwal with their marketing efforts.

I’ve got all the marketing materials completed and sent out to solicit Day Tour tourists/visitors to Ribat El Kheir. Generating interest already. Inshallah this will bring a lot of badly-needed tourists and their *flus* to town. I’ll try to attach a copy of the flyer. Merhaba Day Trippers!

Finally sat down with Meriem and Amina to give them the PCPP grant money so they can complete the purchase of their equipment. Slight mushkil. They had trouble making the 500DH/mo rent in their Creamery, so are looking for a cheaper place. Meanwhile, another group of women have set up shop to sell their breads, hlwa, etc. immediately downstairs from my apt. One idea multiplied quickly by 4 and the ATPF Assn women have a lot of competition. The equipment should really give them an advantage in what they can cook and offer for sale. Inshallah.

I received an inquiry-second one from the website I made for Adwal-to quote on several items-handira and zrbya. I gave the info to Fatima last week for a quote, but she’s now in Rabat for a 10 day expo. I told Zhara that the woman who sent the inquiry also contacted Peace Corps, and there could be a number of other Coops bidding for this business. If they want the business, they need to get me the quote. Got it and sent it today. F l-xyr. Also asked them to add carding and spinning wool to the Day Tour workshop-people like more ‘hands-on’ experience and this would be a good addition. Check!

I’ll be heading up to Fes on Saturday for a going away party for Cynthia and myself w/friends there. Gail’s gonna host a dinner-will be great to see everyone, but I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

The more I think about it, the more enamored I am with the prospect of doing business w/Samira on importing Moroccan handicrafts into the US. We met w/several artisans and some of my Fes friends to discuss this possibility last week when Samira was in town. There are a lot of people I’ve met-Moroccan as well as expats, who have or are starting businesses to develop high quality goods and need a US-based contact to export. Hmmmm, ymkn.

Meanwhile, I’ve started a list of some things I’ve learned (or appreciated anew) over the last 2 years here in Morocco:
I can have more patience than I ever thought possible
I’m more creative than I gave myself credit for
Forgiveness-of others and myself
To sit back and go w/the flow
People are people are people-we’re basically all the same
Friends are invaluable to happiness
Extreme heat is harder than extreme cold
Music soothes
Walking helps you see the world
I love donkeys
Long hair is easy
Family matters
I’m not ready for grey hair
I can live w/o a TV, but not w/o a computer and internet
I’ll always be amazed at the handicraft of artisans
I can learn a new language at my age
Moroccan generosity is world-class
I don’t need much, just friends and family
I won’t melt in the rain
I really don’t like to cook
Most NGOs are well-meaning but bring band-aids
Makeup is overrated
I can amuse myself for hours at a time
Air dried laundry rocks
I love sweet mint Moroccan green tea
Go when others invite you come along-you never know what adventure awaits
Most of the best images are in grey cells, not pixels
I’ve enjoyed not driving
Morocco grows strong women
I can now manage “hand wash only”
One really good glass of wine can seem bottomless
Acrylic nails-no; Pedicures-yes
Text messaging has clear benefits
It is NOT about me.

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