Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yet another transit strike. Change of plans. Home from Azrou a day early while transit is still running. The laws proposing huge punative fines for drivers in case of even minor accidents are the basis for the protest. No transits running for 24 hours starting tomorrow nationwide. And who knows if it will only last 24 hours. So, taking no chances, and having been out of town for a week in Azrou, I headed home this morning while I knew I could get here. Hamdullah. Home to clean the house, air it out with beautiful sunny skies, catch up on email, Santana tunes in the background. Life is good.

Had a good time in Azrou w/the newest SBD volunteers-a good group. Facilitated and participated in several workshops over the course of Wed-Fri. Was supposed to stay over for sessions on Monday, but they’ve seen/heard enough of me. Nice hotel-awesome hot showers with REAL water pressure, actual radiators in each room-warm inside, balconies, shampoo, soap, towels, tp in the room-just like a real hotel room!

Headed over to Ain Leuh yesterday-only about 40min. from Azrou. Great to see my host family-Khadija, Ahelan and Ayoub. Tea, catching up-they’re all well, and picking out the yarn colors of the hanbel that Khadija is going to weave for me. Spent time w/Randy, the SBD PCV in Ain Leuh. She’s got a great project going w/the coop to move their looms downstairs (which will give them room for more looms thus more women who can work) and revamp the upstairs, street-front space into a showroom. She’s had to threaten withholding the rest of their grant money when they told her they changed their minds about moving the looms. Apparently this threat was taken seriously, as the plan is back on track. Yesterday while I was there they removed the ugly, institutional-looking security screens from their big new front window and replaced it with beautiful wrought iron security bars that let in a ton of natural light, match their door and have spots to put flower pots in the bottom. Way to go Randy!

One of my “stage”-mates (Colin) has done the research on cruises where they relocate the ships from Mediterranean to Carribean waters-with the plan that those interested from our training group would cruise home after we COS (that’s Close of Service) when we’re done in November. The last stage did this and had a fabulous time. Cost is remarkably low. Plans were going into place, given COS date of Friday after Thanksgiving. Then yesterday we got our official COS date of Nov 12, 2 weeks earlier! (Date change due to conflict w/Leid Kbir and travel restriction during that holiday-means we won’t have to endure a 3rd sheep-slaughtering and eating “holiday” during our service). Makes a big difference in the cruise plans, as this timeframe is much more expensive and they’re not relocating the ships yet. Need to work on this, as we were all getting excited by the idea.

Anyway, did you note-November 12 we’re done with our service?!! That’s only 9 months away! Holy crap I have a lot to do before then!

Meanwhile, as I type this, I’ve just closed my windows-it must have been well into the 60’s today. Rain forecasted for tomorrow, but it’s been so mild, nothing could ruin this winter, or what’s left of it.

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