Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stormy Weather...

Big 'ole storm rolled in last night. Wind like I’ve never heard and a pounding rain. Snuggle a little further down into my blankets and stay in bed an extra ½ hour this morning. Fortunately we’re not having the unbearable cold of last year, so that makes it easier to get up. Check out any storm damage-leaky window in the salon has let in water-dripping down the wall onto the floor-cheap rug is wet, that’s about all, Hamdullah.

Interesting developments….

Randy sent me a message that the Ain Leuh Coop took down the new zwin security bars she had made and re-installed the old yucky, institutional-like ones. Eles? She’s gonna take her tutor with her to talk w/the women to find out what’s really going on. How incredibly disappointing.

Ran into Hassan-Pres. of REK Tourism Assn today. He shows me the new zwin brochure, business card and folder he’s printed up for the Association to market to tourists. OK, so they have no revenue and he’s printed these up-tbarkalikum. I’m gonna show them to the Adwal women-example of investing in your future. Hint, hint.

Meantime I’ve completed the first phase of the Adwal website-at least there’s some info to send people to in case Adwal never prints up their brochures. Check it out at http://adwal.wordpress.com and give me your feedback. Note that this will not be a site to sell from (can’t do online sales in Morocco), for information purposes only.

Found out from Fatima that the building that is going up next to the sbitar (clinic) here in town is going to be for women in the surrounding area who are having trouble pregnancies in their last 3 months. Apparently the Assn that is supporting this effort is seeking funding to complete the furnishings for the building. She’s asked if I’d help them contact the Center for Women and Democracy (Seattle-based organization that visited REK last November) for funding. I told her that they need to put together their grant proposal and I’ll send it along.

Think I'll be staying indoors the rest of the day. Defrost chicken from Thanksgiving so I don't have to cook in a freezing kitchen. Do work on the computer. Book Paris-Kristen and I are going in June. Inshallah I still have rizzo.

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