Monday, April 12, 2010


In Morocco, you must go with the flow…(written yesterday)....

Lindsay and I wrapped up Mrraksh with a final purchase for one of her best friends right before leaving for the train station yesterday morning. We didn’t see many historical sites, but she shopped her heart out-making a lot of good purchases and bargaining them all down. We dined well while in Mrraksh as well-nice to enjoy the restaurant selections NOT on a Peace Corps budget.

We really enjoyed the riad we stayed in-having our own personal salon to return to when we needed a break from the medina souks and at night after dinner-was terrific. Never did get the wifi to work on my computer while there-but probably an issue w/my computer, not their signal. They even arranged transport to the lagar (train station) so we avoided that last taxi nightmare before our departure.

Just a quick shout out to Lindsay-what a terrific time we had-she’s very easy and fun to travel with and we managed to not get on one another’s nerves-pretty good for 10 days, no? She went with the flow, slept whenever and wherever needed, climbed, rode, walked however necessary and kept great spirits. I’ll travel with you anywhere again Lindsay. Hearrrt.

Saw Lindsay off at the Casablanca airport and headed up to Rabat to get some work done. See, Jenna, who was to arrive at the airport before Pamela, had to cancel her plans. Her dog had to have emergency surgery on Friday, so there was no way she could leave him. So sorry she will miss the trip, and hope that her pup got thru the procedure successfully. Shift to Plan B.

Glad I made it up to Rabat. Paid the deposit on hotel for the artisans for the Marche Maroc Craft Fair to secure the rooms. Found out that they won’t give us additional rooms for the PCVs to stay in, so had to scramble to find another hotel that was available. Got that done with Plan C-thanks Velleda manager-pays to stay there a lot-doing me a favor.

Up this morning to head back to the Casa airport, only to find that Pamela’s plane is delayed 4 hours. Hello Plan D. Unfortunately I couldn’t check her flight status before leaving Rabat as the cybers weren’t open yet. This of course means that we’ll get into Fes pretty late. Uh oh. Call from Gail. She forgot to leave a house key at Café Clock for us to stay at her place, and the close-by riads are full. Michele comes thru via Plan E and we’ll bunk at her place tonight. Poor Pamela is on day 2 of travel to get here. If Ellen wills it, the rest of the trip won’t require the same degree of flexibility.

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