Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living in a State of Grace.....

‘Your heart is moved by the spirit when you’re living … in a state of grace...deep in your heart…the hour of need you stood ready…there’s a world never ending…sorrow and pain don’t exist…we can live there together you can’t resist…cuz when you think you can’t take it…rest in your heart you can make it when you’re living….living in a state of grace… you can face tomorrow… you can bear the cross… just remember that godless in this world has no place… you have too much to give now… you’re living in a state of grace…state of grace’…(thanks to Steve Winwood playing in the background….)…

Wow. How many times have I sat down to update my blog, wanting to begin with “my heart is full”? This is the gift that Morocco and Moroccans have given me. I consider myself to be very blessed-I have had good fortune all my life, not the least of which has been the love of family and friends.

Yet Morocco stretches my heart. Daily. I am amazed how often I walk thru town and by the time I reach my destination, have been touched-quite literally and figuratively, by the kindness of my friends here.

And just when I’m thinking it’s the Moroccan culture, I get a call from Siobhan that she and Alice want to come “used jelaba shopping” at souk. Well, our souk is on Mondays, but El Menzel has theirs on Wednesday. So these lovely British friends from Fes make the trek to REK last night in time for a sunset walk to see the view over the zlul as the full moon rises. We made it over to El Menzel this morning, and while they didn’t find jelabas, they scored seriously with new zwin 8DH clothes at the “used” clothes section. Tbarkalikum. Had time to take them to see the Adwal women, a quick lunch and they were on their way back to Fes. Trek slama Siobhan mlli tmshi l UK. I promise next year to come volunteer at your TribeOfDoris Festival. Kantsna li trjeu tqriban. Merhaba dima!

On the nuql back from El Menzel, I get a call from Jess, and she’s coming up this weekend for a visit. Seems like ages since we’ve had a chance to really talk and I miss her. Alice, Siobhan and I had just been talking about needing to see her. So I’m glad to have her come and spend time catching up.

So you see why my heart just keeps expanding? Every direction I turn, I face good fortune.

I’m also encouraged by all the work of the Marche Maroc Rabat Committee-plans are in place and Inshallah all goes well next week. We’ve got all the posters, flyers, email blasts out and banners hung for publicity. We’ve got 36 artisans representing 22 Coops/Assns coming to sell their products. They’ll participate in a Quality Standards Workshop and receive consultations from Ministry officials on their products. We’ve got the US Ambassador to Morocco coming to present the artisans with their certificates, and the American Club has a Culture Night on Friday and a Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday to help bring in the crowds.

Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a good crowd, deep pockets and sunny skies.

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