Friday, April 23, 2010

Running Around Rabat

OK, so I’m typing this up, waiting for my bus to leave for REK from Rabat, finally-thanks be to Ellen-on my way back to my site. Seems like I’ve been gone forever-it’s been a month of solid travel. Fun, productive, checked off a number of “must-see” spots in Morocco that I won’t have a chance to get back to, but exhausting. Just want to be back in my own apt., by myself for a bit. Company was fabulous, but I need some “alone time”. At least for 2 weeks until it all cranks back up again!

Essouaria was wonderful-Randy and Kristen chilled on the beach our last day while I cooled my heels nursing a shwiya stomach-but I rallied for the afternoon trek to the “hut suq”-where all the fresh fish is sold (Essouaria is on the Atlantic-big fishing village). You can also buy what you want to eat right away and they’ll cook it up for you. Had to keep them honest when they told us our 6DH cooking was going to cost 75DH. Snu? Kifas? Seems that olives, bread, salad, etc. all have their own add-on prices. Waxa-maklinash l zitun, xubz, shlada etc. u magadish nxllsu fihum. (Fine-we didn’t eat the olives, bread, salad, etc. and we won’t pay for them). Price is now about 20DH for all the cooking and drinks. Waxa. Heck, the entertainment of watching them throw around the fish, cook it, serve it to waiting hungry folks sitting at shared picnic tables was worth at least 20DH alone.

About this time Tim has returned from ‘Kesh and joins up with us for some last minute shopping-we did some damage (incl. Kristen’s made-to-order really zwin new shoes-tbarkalik!). We took a long walk along the shoreline and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. We debated dinner options-lots to choose from, but went back to the Italian place from 2 nights before. Had spinach and sage ravioli good enough to write home about and the biggest 40DH glass of wine you’ve ever seen. Get me out of Essouaria before I decide to stay!

We were all up and out early to catch buses-home for Randy and Kristen-Rabat for me. Had work to do for Marche Maroc Rabat-coming up in a couple short weeks.

I had a chance to meet up with Eric-working on the Craft Fair Committee-to walk the route from the artisan’s hotel to the American Club. I wanted to be able to describe the walk and how long it will take them to do it. Productive meeting w/Sandy at the Club to get additional questions addressed and finalize arrangements. Met w/Khadija at the Ministry-she’ll be doing the Quality Workshop at the Craft Fair for the artisans and I wanted to confirm the arrangements, content, etc. with her. I’ve found that you need to confirm things at least 3 times in person here in Morocco to get what you expect. Got all of this done before 11:00 in the morning, which gave me ample time to get work done in the PC office, thanks be to Ellen (aka Hamdullah).

Emily came thru like a champion with the graphics for the Marche Maroc Rabat publicity, Mohamed the PC Librarian hooked me up with the printer he uses, and we’ll get the flyers printed up and delivered to the American Club early next week. Done with all of this in time to go for an end-of-the-day walk and juice with Fatima Kamal to catch up. Nice.

Bit of work back in the office this morning before heading off to the bus station. Now I wait. If Ellen wills it (aka Inshallah), I’ll be home at a decent hour today. Meanwhile I type this to the background noise of boys trying to sell cookies and Kleenex, men trying to sell books of the Koran and beggars-all walking up and down the bus aisle while we sitting ducks watch the parade.

OK, so it’s getting close to time for bed. Got home at 6pm-hamdulilah-with time enough to run out for bread and milk, unpack and get clothes soaking to get up on the line tomorrow morning, catch up on email, have a bowl of Kraft Mac N Cheese and Easter candy leftovers. Life is good. So glad to be back in my own digs. Sleeping in tomorrow-no alarm. Leyla saida.

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Jurgen Abel said...

Dear Ms. Oclynne,

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.

I read in your message that you went to the “American Club”. Is this a social club for the American expatriates and those with a strong affinity for America? If it is, would you please send me the full name, their website, or the name of the President and his/her e-address.

I am researching the African countries in an effort to find American Clubs, American Societies, or American Associations.

Thank you for your help.

Sincerely yours,

Jürgen Abel
The American International Society in Hamburg e.V.

T: +49-179-3907848