Thursday, April 8, 2010


Why are the taxi drivers such bastards in Marraksh? In typical fashion, we arrive at the CTM bus station (having started our journey 10 hrs prior) and the taxi drivers all insist that “l mgana mxdamsh”-the meter doesn’t work. One “generously” tells us he’ll take us to Bab El Ksour for 40DH. I laugh in his face. Another offers to take us for 20DH. I know it’s under 15DH. Insist they use their meter. They continue to try for 20DH-I’m telling them-about 10 gathered-I know that the meters work and am not going to pay more than the meter. One guy gives me a high five-I get it-ok, so will you take us on your meter? No. Crap. This happens EVERY TIME you arrive in Marraksh. This is what turns me off of this city. So I drag poor Lindsay down the street, dragging baggage along, working up a sweat and an attitude. I’m working on principles here. About 1 meter down the road we get to a hotel where I’ve had luck getting a “nishan” taxi. Guy says he’ll take us, and we load in our stuff. Head off. I ask him to turn on his magana. Says it’s a tariff of 20DH. Crap. Tell him to pull over. Suddenly my principles take a hit. I’m tired, do I really want to drag Lindsay thru more of this when we’re only talking the difference of maybe $1? Let it go Lynn. Stay in the taxi and let’s just get to our riad.

We’re both exhausted from the trip and I don’t need to exacerbate the whole thing. We get to Bab El Ksour. Try to find the Riad. Walk a ways, backtrack, then finally call for them to come and get us. We’d never have found it on our own. Sweet place-we have a sitting room and private fab bath. But only one double bed. Mushkil. Geez, don’t want to give up the sweet room, but want to sleep 3 nights w/o worrying about kicking each other. They bring up a rollaway that fits in an alcove below the window to the atrium our room overlooks. Perfect. Don’t have to change rooms, still have our sitting room, and a HOT shower! They even supposedly have wifi downstairs, so will check that out later to download all of this. Gonna go out and get some fresh medina air (?!) and dinner and back for a quiet evening in our room. We’re happy campers once again.

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